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Tony Pozerskis

Phone +44 7860 522810

Email tony.poz@virgin.net

Tony started gliding at an early age and is a keen cross country and competition pilot. He became a director of Baltic Sailplanes in 1991 and has accumulated  many hours flying the LAK 12, and subsequently the LAK 17A and LAK 19T. Tony currently fly's a LAK 17B FES based at Hus Bos.


JSC Sportine Aviacija

The company has over 35 years designing and constructing high performance sailplanes. They were the first sailplane manufacturer to see the potential of the FES (Front Electric Self- Launch/Self-Sustainer propulsion system) designed by Luka Znidarsic, resulting in the production of the LAK 17B FES 18m self-sustainer and their latest design, the Mini LAK FES 13.5m electric self-launcher.


Ron Bridges

Phone +44 7540 470204

Email ron@balticsailplanes.co.uk