The Mini LAK FES

Technical Description

The LAK-17 MINI is a new generation FAI 13.5 m class sailplane. The Mini LAK FES as it is more commonly known, is the self launching electric version constructed of hybrid composite materials such as kevlar, carbon, and glass fibre. 

The wing spar is made of GRAPHLITE SM315 carbon rods bonded into a double T section and the weight of each wing panel is just 40 kg. The airbrakes are situated in the upper surfaces only.

The retractable landing gear has a 350×15 mm tyre and shock absorber and the hydraulic main wheel brake is actuated by the air brake handle. The rudder pedals are adjustable in flight, and all the controls, connect automatically. 

The wings incorporate fork type spar roots joined with two pins and the elevator connects automatically during assembly.

The cockpit is of monocoque construction. The manually controlled seat pan and the adjustable seat back together with optimally arranged control elements offer notable comfort on long flights. 

The one piece Weiss canopy hinges forward and on the left side there is a sliding window with ventilation scoop. The instrument panel lifts up together with the canopy.

Why Mini LAK FES?

The Mini LAK FES is small and safe and it doesn't matter where you fly, the new Mini LAK FES will get you airborne or get you home.

Designed for the new FAI 13.5m class, it has already established itself by taking 2nd place in the 1st World Gliding Championship in 2015, and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places in the 2nd World Gliding Championships in 2017.

The Mini LAK FES is designed and manufactured by JSC Sportine Aviacija who have over 45 years of  experience, designing and manufacturing high performance sailplanes.

With an AUW of 350 kg and the ability to take up to 80 litres of water ballast in the wings and 8 litres of ballast in the tail, the Mini LAK FES is a proven winner.

Flying the Mini LAK